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    1. Cryostat YD-2235

      Product Details

      Newly Designed Cryostat

      To promote and support high quality tissue sectioning in pathology, dermatology, and histology labs, we have designed and created the YD-2235 cryostat as a state-of-the-art freeze microtome.

      The YD-2235 cryostat is a high precision microtome with dual compressors, UV light disinfection, LED touch screen control panel, and much more.

      Key Features

      Extra large freeze chamber has UV light sterilization, automatic defrost, and standby mode.

      LED touch screen control panel is large and easy to use. it show all information including thickness for section and trimming , retraction ,temperature control , defrost control, time on / off and so on .

      Top of cryostat allows for easy storage and access to glass slides, stains, and tools.

      Smooth turning hand wheel with 360° locking mechanism.

      Double compressor system allows for fast freezing and robust lifespan of cryostat, and total 5 parts including Chamber , blade holder , clamp , freezing shelf and smoothing board in freezing condition

      Waste collection for liquid condensate is safe and easily accessible.

      Specimen holder is easily adjustable and clamps to specimen disc for stability.

      Knife holder is fully adjustable with anti-rolling plate and blade guard. Anti-roll plate with knife guard

      One-Click to return specimen clamp to initial position automatically when clamp reach to limited position

      Molds shaped one-time, Germany accessory and high quality Teflon surface treatment

      Specimen retraction function, protects specimen from blade injury

      Trimming/Cutting button makes it easy to switch from trim and section mode

      Equip with counter to calculate total pieces and thickness.

      The low temperature refrigeration system with pro-environment refrigerant R404

      Temperature can drop to working condition in 40 minutes after switching on.

      Adopt to UVC sterilize for 35 minutes every time to optimize safety for cutting cryosections

      Peltier may be on or off manually.

      Heated, removable sliding window.

      Two defrost methods: definite time and manual, automatic defrost system built in, with cool air circulation that automatically starts to cool air circulating around the cutting specimen, knife, and anti-roll guide

      Fully encapsulated microtome for maintenance free reliability. The high-precision microtome is enclosed outside the cryostat chamber to protect it from thermal expansion and contraction and keep minimum service and maintenance.

      Self-explanatory symbols for all functions and displays, easy to learn and operate.

      Standby mode, after initializing, temperature in cryostat chamber can be controlled between -5 and -15 by computer automatically; when stop initializing, the temperature in freeze chamber will arrive to working temperature within 15 minutes

      Control panel with locking function to avoid wrong operation.

      With vacuum cleaner easy to clean the chamber

      Sensor self-diagnosis function ,with a auto detected and alarm system for temperature sensor status

      Wide freezing shelf can put 36 specimens discs and including 8 stations with the Peltier fast-freeze mechanism (blue).

      Knife holder for both of low profile blade and high profile blade

      Technical Specifications

      freeze chamber temperature rage0℃~-50

      Blade holder and clamp temperature rage0℃~-50

      Cooling down time to -50℃:40 min

      Freeze shelf routine temperature0℃~-50

      Lowest temperature of Peltier unit on freeze shelf-60

      Peltier working time: 15 minutes

      Maximum specimen size55mm×80mm

      Specimen vertical stroke65mm(70mm is optional )

      Specimen horizontal stroke22mm

      Coarse feeding speed: 0.9mm/s; 0.45mm/s

      X/Y-axis:12°, Z-axis:360°, the specimen holder has 360-degree specimen orientation

      Section thickness range1-100μm

      0.5μm100μm adjustable:

      0.5μm5μm, in 0.5μm increment;5μm20μm, in 1μm increments;

      20μm50μm, in 2μm increments; 50μm100μm, in 5μm increments

      Trimming thickness range0μm600μm

      0μm600μm adjustable:

      0μm50μm, in 5μm increments; 50μm100μm, in 10μm increments; 100μm600μm, in 50μm increments;

      Retraction range: 0μm60μm adjustable; in 2μm increment

      Voltage and frequencyAC220V±10%   50Hz(Standard) Special requirement may customize by order.





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