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    1. Rotary Microtome YD-1508R

      Product Details

      Product specifications :

      Improved machine on the basis of YD-1508A(B),Adopted Precision Roller Cross Guide. Made of strength alloy steel. Perfect performance for slice soft tissue, it used particularly to slice hard tissue, such as plastic, fibre, bone, plant, hair. The ideal microtome for research institution, laboratories, and medical pathology.

      Technical Data:

      1) Section thickness range: 1-30 μm

      2) Minimum setting value: 1μm

      3) Precision error: ± 5%

      4) Maximum section size:60×30mm

      Standard Accessory

      1 Clamp

      1 Blade Carrier (for Steel knife or Blade holder )

      50pcs Cassettes

      1 Steel knife

      Optional Accessory

      Blade Holder

      Microtome Disposable Blade

      Cassette Clamp

      See Price list for more detail !

      Jinhua YIDI Medical Appliance CO.,LTD
      Zhuma industrial park,jinhua city, zhejiang ,china

      Telephone: 86 579 82472777 Fax:86 579 82472470


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